Safari season is OPEN!

SEPTEMBER arrives the sun starts to shift lower in our endless horizons. We feel the change in wind, in bird migration, and the long cast of shadows in the late afternoon on the mountains and on the desert dunes. This is the beginning of the best time to visit the Western Desert of the greatContinue reading “Safari season is OPEN!”

El-Buhur Jan 26th-28th

This is an amazing opportunity to explore and discover one of the hidden gems of the Western Desert of Egypt; an area hardly known or visited. It’s the cross road of ancient routes, and area of spectacular beauty, and diverse landscapes.You will get the chance to wander across magnificent hills, spectacular dunes, and shimmering outcropsContinue reading “El-Buhur Jan 26th-28th”

Christmas in Kharga Oasis

The Pass of Fools descending to Kharga Oasis is one of the challenging itineraries in the Western Desert. Don’t spend Xmas time alone, bored, or doing nothing special. Make those times special by joining me in the upcoming trip to the ‘Pass of Fools’- Kharga Oasis. This is an adventure of its own into someContinue reading “Christmas in Kharga Oasis”