Desert Camping

Reconnect with nature under the warm desert sun and the vibrant night skies of the Western Desert. Our Bedouin guides offer expertise in the outdoor camping experience, diverse desert programs and cooks prepare on-site traditional Egyptian meals and tea service for groups of all sizes.

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May-September are quite hot (40-45ºC) during the day. Tight Lycra is not comfortable; choose loose natural fabrics. Good walking shoes/sandals are important. We have many hot and fresh springs; don’t forget a travel towel and suit.
October-April day time temps are similar to fall temperatures N. America (15-25ºC) Wear layers, light winter jacket. Houses are not insulated and you spend a lot of time outside. When the sun goes down you will need long pants, long underwear, toque/headcap, socks (we recommend merino wool for warmth and thinness) and camel wool socks are also a good idea overtop, especially when going on a desert Safari!

Other important items: Some favorite snacks or protein bars, refillable water bottle, headlamp, pillow case, power bank, hiking boots/good walking shoes, head scarf, swimsuit & travel towel, sunscreen.

Currency and accessibility to money 

Baharya Oasis has one bank machine, and this is a cash only village. Banks are closed early on Thursday and closed completely on Friday/Saturday. Make sure you are carrying enough cash (5000le is recommended) to pay for restaurants, groceries, cafes, drivers and guides. You can get a local SIM card here; Etisalat is better connection here over Vodaphone.

Traveling with kids

We have hosted and travelled with many families of all ages over the years. It is an amazing time for adventure, discovery, and bonding over life’s basic needs and simple pleasures. All our guides are parents, and are great with children, passing knowledge and inclusive storytelling.

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