Valley of the Whales Safari

4 DAYS, 3 NIGHT CAIRO RETURN Our 4-day Valley of the Whales tour will start and ends in Cairo. With this tour you will discover a yet more impressive meaning of ancient Egypt. This tour’s highlights are the sights of Fayoum Oasis—the Lake Quran, the Wadi al Rayan Protected ares, and the Wadi-al-Hitan (Valley of theContinue reading “Valley of the Whales Safari”

Al Haiz Observatory

The ideal location of Al Haiz Lodge offers stargazers an incredible opportunity to observe the night sky in one of the darkest places on earth. We work with astronomers to offer star gazing, in-depth Astronomy sessions, telescope observation, and astrophotography workshops (starting at 800 EGP/per person)

Desert Camping

Reconnect with nature under the warm desert sun and the vibrant night skies of the Western Desert. Our Bedouin guides offer expertise in the outdoor camping experience, diverse desert programs and cooks prepare on-site traditional Egyptian meals and tea service for groups of all sizes. WHAT TO PACK:May-September are quite hot (40-45ºC) during the day.Continue reading “Desert Camping”

Discover Egypt with Abdu

We offer 4×4 desert safari tours of Egypt’s 5 Desert Oasis in the Western Desert accomodating adventure tours from 2-150 people. Programs can include: Sand dunes, White Desert camping, outdoor cooking, wellness retreats in an eco lodge, salt lakes, fresh water desert lakes, and mineral hot springs for groups of all sizes. Durations can runContinue reading “Discover Egypt with Abdu”