NEW MOON WHITE DESERT SAFARI CAIRO—> WHITE DESERT Nov 10-12, 2023 ⛺️ Desert camping & discovery  🚙 4×4 Dune riding adventures  🏄‍♂️ Sand boarding  🍜 Traditional cooking and teaching 🔥 Campfire under the stars 💫  🌊 Relaxation in springs 📸 Take amazing pictures 👫 Meet new people Full detailed program: – Pickup in Cairo 8:00AMContinue reading “NEW MOON WHITE DESERT SAFARI Nov 10-12”

Safari season is OPEN!

SEPTEMBER arrives the sun starts to shift lower in our endless horizons. We feel the change in wind, in bird migration, and the long cast of shadows in the late afternoon on the mountains and on the desert dunes. This is the beginning of the best time to visit the Western Desert of the greatContinue reading “Safari season is OPEN!”

CAIRO TO LUXOR – Oasis Safari Tour

Complete the desert routes for the ancient Pharaohs, Romans, Greeks, and traveling Bedouins from Cairo through the Western Desert through 4 of Egypts Oases, finishing on the mighty Nile in Luxor. Day 1 over 5 nights and 6 days, our tour will take us from the bustling Cairo, through the plains of the Sahara, 380Continue reading “CAIRO TO LUXOR – Oasis Safari Tour”

Weekend in Western Desert

Weekend in Western Desert: 2023 Season – Djara Cave, White Desert, Caraween Dunes, Crystal Mountain, Aguabat Valley, Ain Khadra & Ain Seuf (Magic Spring) Join us for 3 nights, 4 days out of Cairo for our program in the Western Desert of Egypt. Day 1: Pick-up in Cairo 7:30AM, 4.5 hour drive just past BaharyaContinue reading “Weekend in Western Desert”

Chasing the Full Moon

Friday 3rd Feb 7:00AMMeet in Cairo and ride the bus to El-Haiz Camp1:00PMArrive at Al-Haiz Eco-lodge. Refreshments of coffee and tea are being served by the pool as lunch is being prepared and served.3:00PMLoad the 4x4s to head out to the desert for an overnight camp.6:00PMArrive at camp in the White Desert; Campsite is set andContinue reading “Chasing the Full Moon”

El-Buhur Jan 26th-28th

This is an amazing opportunity to explore and discover one of the hidden gems of the Western Desert of Egypt; an area hardly known or visited. It’s the cross road of ancient routes, and area of spectacular beauty, and diverse landscapes.You will get the chance to wander across magnificent hills, spectacular dunes, and shimmering outcropsContinue reading “El-Buhur Jan 26th-28th”

Christmas in Kharga Oasis

The Pass of Fools descending to Kharga Oasis is one of the challenging itineraries in the Western Desert. Don’t spend Xmas time alone, bored, or doing nothing special. Make those times special by joining me in the upcoming trip to the ‘Pass of Fools’- Kharga Oasis. This is an adventure of its own into someContinue reading “Christmas in Kharga Oasis”

Agabat, Caraween Dunes & Al Haiz Ecolodge

2 nights, 3 days December 2-4th, 2022 Agabat Off-road & Al Haiz Ecolodge Safari  Off road adventure travel, landscapes photography, geological sites, camel and/or horse rides, relaxation, fresh spring plunge pool, traditional Bedouin foods, stargazing & campfires. Caraween Dunes, White Desert & Al Haiz Ecolodge: 2 Nights, 3 days- December 2-4th Activities will include :Continue reading “Agabat, Caraween Dunes & Al Haiz Ecolodge”

White Desert & Al Haiz Ecolodge

2 NIGHTS, 3 DAYS FROM CAIRO JULY 10-12 White Desert Camping & Al Haiz Ecolodge  Off road adventure travel, landscapes photography, geological sites, camel and/or horse rides, relaxation, fresh spring plunge pool, traditional Bedouin foods, stargazing & campfires. White Desert Safari & Al Haiz Ecolodge: 3 Days 2 Nights 10-12 July 2022 Activities will includeContinue reading “White Desert & Al Haiz Ecolodge”

6 October Holiday Desert Safari

Djara Cave & White Desert 2 nights 3 days FRIDAY OCTOBER 6-8TH, 2022 2 NIGHTS 3 DAYS RETURN FROM CAIRO October 6th-8th, 2022 Tour this ancient Oasis, discover traditional Bedouin way of life and natural healing. Campfire and stars, caves and dunes, 4×4 adventure in the Sahara. Djara Cave & White Desert  Day 1: 7:30AMContinue reading “6 October Holiday Desert Safari”