CAIRO TO LUXOR – Oasis Safari Tour

Complete the desert routes for the ancient Pharaohs, Romans, Greeks, and traveling Bedouins from Cairo through the Western Desert through 4 of Egypts Oases, finishing on the mighty Nile in Luxor. Day 1 over 5 nights and 6 days, our tour will take us from the bustling Cairo, through the plains of the Sahara, 380Continue reading “CAIRO TO LUXOR – Oasis Safari Tour”

Christmas in Kharga Oasis

The Pass of Fools descending to Kharga Oasis is one of the challenging itineraries in the Western Desert. Don’t spend Xmas time alone, bored, or doing nothing special. Make those times special by joining me in the upcoming trip to the ‘Pass of Fools’- Kharga Oasis. This is an adventure of its own into someContinue reading “Christmas in Kharga Oasis”