Safari season is OPEN!

Old WD 21 1024x770 Safari season is OPEN!


SEPTEMBER arrives the sun starts to shift lower in our endless horizons. We feel the change in wind, in bird migration, and the long cast of shadows in the late afternoon on the mountains and on the desert dunes. This is the beginning of the best time to visit the Western Desert of the great Sahara, a days journey south of Cairo and the beginning of your adventure in a remote, breathtaking, diverse part of Egypt. If you seek out a different type of travel, enjoy immersing yourself in a foreign culture; through food language and music, seek thrill of discovery and camping under the endless stars, you have found your people.

Jen WD 21 300x225 Safari season is OPEN!  WD waves 300x225 Safari season is OPEN!

AGA WEST SAIED 1024x768 Safari season is OPEN!

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