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Marhaba! Welcome to Al Haiz Oasis. I am Abdu Shaban and this is my family land, 30 kms south of Baharya Oasis. Our family roots go back many generations here in Tabl Amon.
I named it Dreamland in 2011; once barren desert, now has a solar-powered fresh water spring plunge pool, a main 2 bedroom house, a palm tree house, several new guest rooms, a large Bedouin tent, handmade Bazaar, meditation/yoga tent, fully equipped kitchen serving meals, snacks, fresh juices and Bedouin tea to our guests throughout the day.
The land contains over 200 date palms, organic fruit trees, vegetables and animal farm including: pigeon, duck, sheep, lamb, cattle, a donkey named Cece and 2 friendly farm dogs – Foxy & Lucky .

Bedouin Desert guide of 20 years.

Discover, explore, photograph and experience the Western Desert with us. We create both public and private tours of Baharya, Farafra, Dakhla, Kharga, Siwa and Fayoum Oasis.

We also travelled out on longer deep desert excursions of Abu Muharrik Dunes, Caraween Dunes, Gebel Uwaynat, EL Gilf Kebir (currently restricted access), and explore the petroglyphs, silica glass fields and dunes of The Great Sand Sea, Abu Muharrik Dunes & Caraween Dunes.

Whether its an over-night to the White Desert from Cairo, or a deep desert safari by GPS, I have spent my entire life living, and learning in the Sahara Desert of Egypt.

Expert deep desert guide

8-21 day deep desert safaris including “The Great Sand Sea” between Siwa Oasis & Libia.

Local tours of Baharya Oasis including Pyramid Mountain, English Mountain, The Golden Mummies, Dinosaur area and visits to a few of over 400 local fresh springs

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1-3 nights in Black & White Desert including Crystal Mountain, Roman Springs, and Agabat Area

5-7 day tours of Siwa Oasis including stops in Marsa Matroua and Ageba Beach on the Mediterranean, Camel tours, walking tours, Djara Cave tours, Old & New White Desert, Abu Muharrik & Caraween Dunes.

Professional Experience

Owner/Operator of Al Haiz Oasis
(2011 – present)
Private custom tours, operating 4 Toyota 4×4 Landcruisers, owner of Bedouin Ecolodge Al Haiz Oasis
Professional Desert Guide – Desert Lovers
(2006 – 2019)
Owner/Operator Oasis Restaurant Baharya
(2016- present)
Local dates & olive oil market, Cafe, Traditional Bedouin restaurant, offering house specialties like Mandii, BBQ chicken, duck & lamb 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Located right on the highway Wahat el Baharia.

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